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Healing Touch

St. Andrew Parish Healing Touch Ministry is a non-liturgical healing ministry which combines the Catholic Christian tradition of care and prayer for the suffering with techniques taught by Healing Touch Program (tm). We begin our work with invocation to God, include other prayers, and we end in thanksgiving to God.   We follow the guidelines of the Vatican Document “Instruction on Prayers for Healing” issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (9/14/2000) and written by Cardnal Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict XVI.

This ministry can benefit anyone experiencing illness, pain or discomfort of mind, body or spirit.  It is helpful prior to surgery or other procedures and to assist in recovery afterwards.  It can benefit those receiving chemotherapy. It is also helpful and recommended just to maintain wellness and to deepen spirituality.  Any benefit realized is recognized as grace from God.

Men, women and children all enjoy this ministry.  Comments from those who attend healing sessions, and who recommend them to others:  “It gave me peace of mind and soul, as well as physical relief and comfort.”  “I felt closer to God.”  “I was able to pray again”.  “It was a spiritual time like being deep in prayer.”  

Dates and times of scheduled monthly sessions are published in the parish bulletin.  Individual sessions can be scheduled during the summer months by contacting Ceese Belisle, ministry advisor at 513-313-7169.

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