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Pastoral Parish Council

The Pastoral Council is an effective group of lay parishioners that acts as liaison between the Pastor and parish community and is guided under the leadership of the Pastor.  It represents the entire parish community by acting as listening post and ensures the parishioners have a voice in how the parish serves them.  The Pastoral Council utilizes various forums to collect community ideas, opinions, prayers and requests, which are then passed on to the Pastor and his staff.

The lay parishioners or laity are "all the faithful except those in holy orders and those in the state of religious life specially approved by the Church."  These faithful are by baptism made one body with Christ and are constituted among the people of God; they are in their own way made sharers in the priestly, prophetical, and kingly functions of Christ.

The Purpose of the Pastoral Council

The purpose of the St. Andrew Pastoral Council is defined by the following  responsibilities that reflect and support the overlying  Parish Mission Statement. 

Its purpose is to act as a Pastoral advisor through collaboration and assistance to the Pastor in regards to parish community comments, concerns and general issues which are reviewed and assessed by the group through active discussion.  The Pastoral Council is not a governing body that makes decisions regarding important Pastoral matters.      

The Pastoral Council supports the development of Pastoral Plans by carrying out the mission of the church and sustaining the parish community ideals and vision.  Its purpose is to assist the Pastor in identifying goals, objectives and recommends plans to achieve them. In addition, articulating a vision for the future of the parish that is reflective of the overall parish vision statement.

The very nature of the Pastoral Council is expressed in the role of spiritual growth of the parish community by fostering excellence in prayer, worship and education.  Bound to always welcome those in faith, hope and love and providing charitable outreach to those in need, especially the poor.

The Pastoral Council is called upon to serve and support  these elements of parish life through consistent and reflective expression.  Our priorities will be dictated by our beliefs and willingness to do what is most beneficial for the parish community.   We will be steadfast in our consideration and faithful to those we serve.  

Parish Council Officers

Ray Lamping, President

Bob Huxell

Vicki Kundrat

Lindsay Braud

Jeff Radloff

Kristin Woodard

Parish Pastoral Council Constitution 

Parish Council Minutes

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