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Fr. Rob Waller - Autobiography

One would think that after 62 years of life, 36 years as a priest and 22 years as a pastor, my life would pretty much be set and in order. Yet life is still evolving, ever changing and ever new.

Since mom's passing in 2006 my two sisters, Lee Ann and Peggy, send me a poem on the anniversary of my ordination. They are as bad as the ones my mother wrote over the years, and they make me smile as much: "Now it has been thirty six years. And your anniversary is music to our ears. If only we could bottle in a jar, Just how proud of you we are."

If you pass by St. Andrew, you see from the street the two things that are most important to me. Over the front porch of my home there are three flags: Palestinian, American and Israeli. My heart is often in the Holy Land and my hope is for peace with justice. At the front steps of our church is a beautiful set of mahogany doors. My hope and my heart are deeply rooted and firmly set here in Milford.

In accord with the special role our Andrew had among the apostles as the Great Introducer, it is the particular character and charge of St. Andrew parish to welcome and engage all who come to us, as "our doors open wide at the very thought of your coming," hoping to introduce them to others and to Christ. All are welcome here.

A simple click from the homepage of our parish website will take you to a live streaming of our Sunday and weekday Masses. All are welcome here.

May the good Lord bless you, guard you from evil, and guide you to eternity.

Father Rob Waller

St. Andrew the Apostle
Catholic Church
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Milford, OH 45150
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