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Welcome to St. Andrew Church in Historical Milford, Ohio.  Please click here to open and print the registration form. 

Your completed registration may be returned to the Parish Office, via the collection basket, mail or in person.  Our Pastor likes to have pictures of all parishioners.  We would greatly appreciate if you would please give us a photo of your family when you return your registration or you can send it electronically (  It will not be shared with anyone except the staff and a printed photo will be returned to you. 

Other information that may be of interest:  A rewards program with Krogers and Meijers, a list of Parish Ministry Opportunities within the parish, Stewardship information, plus information on Electronic Funds Transfer are available by contacting the parish office.


St. Andrew Church
552 Main Street
Milford, OH  45150

St. Andrew the Apostle
Catholic Church
552 Main Street
Milford, OH 45150
Phone: 513-831-3353
Fax: 513-831-6597

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