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Electronic Funds Transfer


I authorize St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church to initiate electronic withdrawals from my checking account as indicated below.  These withdrawals shall apply to my Sunday offertory contribution to St. Andrew.  This authority shall allow the financial institution named below and on the attached check to permit withdrawals from my account in accordance with these instructions.  This authority shall remain in full force and effect until I give written notice to St. Andrew to terminate electronic withdrawals, which notice shall take effect 10 business days
after receipt by St. Andrew.

Signature ______________________________________ Date ________________

Print Full Name _____________________________________________________

Home Address _______________________________________________________

Home Telephone ___________________   Email ___________________________

Bank _______________________   Account Number _______________________
Routing Number

Amount to be deducted from my account once each month  $_______________. 

Monthly deductions will occur on the 1st or 20th of each month.

Month & date you wish to start Electronic Transfer _____________________.

Important:  Please include a voided check in order for us to process your EFT Authorization.

If you are a parent of a SASEAS student, please continue to drop your Sunday envelope in the collection basket each week.  If you have any questions, please contact Jon Soellner in the Parish Office, 831-3353.

*** Please note:  You may continue to use your envelopes for Christmas, Holy Days and Special Collections. 


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