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Paper Recycling

ABITIBI Bowater is the company that collects our recycled paper, magazines, thin cardboard (not corrugated), and junk mail.  Our three green and yellow recycling bins are on the east side of the school (close to Milford Main School).  Not only do we save precious landfill, we make money.  Have you ‘bin there?
A true Full-Circle Recycler®, AbitibiBowater is North America's largest manufacturer of recycled content newsprint for use in making newspapers.  The paper you recycle today may be the newspaper you read in just a few weeks….and again in two months...and again.  That process is called Full-Circle Recycling.

What Goes in the Paper Retriever Bins?
Newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogs, mail, office and school papers (including window envelopes, workbooks, staples and bagged shreds), paperback books

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