Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

APRIL 1, 2020



Who knew that on Sunday March 15, when the closing hymn was sung, it would be the last song heard at St. Andrew Church? In a matter of hours it seemed that our daily routine just stopped.

If you could imagine how much preparation our choir was doing for the biggest and holiest week of the year, Holy Week...that just completely stopped. Our St. Andrew music family hasn’t sang together for a couple of weeks now.

Since some of the music we were working on will not be heard at Mass, I wanted to share this beautiful arrangement we had been practicing with you:













Below are a few hellos from some of our choir members:

Robin Reale (Soprano)
“Michael and I are doing well. I am in my art room a lot working on my watercolors and my lettering. Lots of walks, and serenading Michael all the time. So grateful I still get to “attend” Mass and text with my friends and family. God is still in our world and in my heart, so life is good.”

Melissa Mosteller (Soprano)
“We are doing well! We do our school work daily, the girls are taking virtual dance class, and we have been riding our bikes when it's nice. Lily had her fifth birthday at home but missed having our big family there and her friends. I have also practiced my part for choir even though we may not sing it. We have been watching Mass and we watched the Pope."

Kimberly Heiremans (Alto)
“I miss seeing my extended family and friends. And I really miss seeing all my choir friends. I DO really miss singing both at practice and at Mass. Hopefully we'll all be together again soon.”

Tom Vogel (Tenor)
Misses singing in the choir. “I love to sing, but I haven’t mastered reading music. Not perfect, but it’s all 'for the glory of the Man.' 
Its so great to hear from my choir family as we are praying for each other."

I hope that this note and the above music selection will comfort you and give you hope that soon we all will rise from sorrow and our hearts and voices will be united in singing "Alleluia, Alleluia, He is Risen!"

Dovile Krempasky

St. Andrew Music Director