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Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

APRIL 11, 2020



Back in my day there was a song by Joni Mitchell called "The Big Yellow Taxi," with the following lyrics, “Don't it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone?” I am finding during the time we are in now, this is so true.   


As a child in Akron, Ohio there was always something very special to me during Holy Week! I never felt closer to God than I did during this brief 3 day period. At my Catholic grade school at St. Sebastian’s our small church building was not able to accommodate all the students, as well as the parishioners. So on Good Friday, the students would march around the block singing, "Jesus Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom" until we got the "OK" to come into the church to receive Communion. 

Since that time, I have belonged to numerous parishes after many moves, but listening to those lyrics always brings me back to those days! I still love to sing those lyrics at St. Andrew because it allows me to revisit those days of my childhood in Akron. More importantly, I have been blessed to walk in the steps of Jesus on his way to the cross in Jerusalem and those lyrics also floated through my mind!


This year is different though. I am not singing in the choir loft or walking in Jesus' steps. I am sitting in my den reading the passion of Christ but still I hear those lyrics in my mind! As I walk through my neighborhood with my dog, I am humming and singing those lyrics. Old habits never die, despite what our circumstances are at the time. Jesus remember me when you come into your Kingdom!  

Cathy O'Toole

St. Andrew Parishioner


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