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Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

APRIL 16, 2020



As all of the news around coronavirus started to unfold a few weeks ago, I attempted to wrap my brain
around the fact that I would need to be doing ministry from a distance. I knew that I would need to get
creative. I am far from tech savvy. In fact, I know just barely enough to get by. I would need to learn a
lot more about newer technology in order to reach out to our teens and that made me nervous. What
will this look like? How is it even possible? One thing was certain…I didn't want to let social distancing
get in the way of interacting with and ministering to our teens. It was time for me to adjust to a new
normal-at least for the time being. So what does ministry from a distance look like? I'm still not totally
sure but this is what it has looked like for me.

It has meant sending postcards to all of our seniors to let them know that I was thinking about and
praying for them. This is definitely not how they imagined spending the remainder of their senior year.
They are missing prom, Kairos retreats, sports seasons, and senior traditions. Things they have been
looking forward to for some time. "This isn't what senior year is supposed to look like," one said to me.

My heart hurts for them.

It has meant collecting cards and pictures for the residents of Sem Villa. SMILE goes to Sem once a
month to play games and do crafts with the residents. During this time of social distancing we are not
able to go for game night. We really do miss our time with them!

It has meant weekly youth nights online with teens from across the country. It means goofy games and
messages back and forth but also time together in prayer. We have prayed the rosary together virtually
and also hosted game nights where we can let loose and laugh. I think we have experienced many
emotions together and I'm sure that will continue. I'm so glad that we have this virtual platform so we
can spend time together but it will never be a perfect replacement for physically being WITH them. Our
teens are truly fantastic people and I can't wait to be able to be with them again.

God Bless,

Catherine Fasano

St. Andrew - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Youth Minister

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