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Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

APRIL 2, 2020



As Dave and I are in the category of “most vulnerable,” during this COVID-19 crisis, we realized it is important to substitute Fear with Faith, so we decided to make a daily schedule a few weeks ago.


We start off with coffee at 7am, followed by the rosary at 7:30am.


EWTN has a beautiful rosary led by Fr. Mitch Pacwa at 7:30am.  The mysteries follow the places in the Holy Land that are familiar to us and one feels we are all walking together with our loved ones as we ask Our Blessed Mother to protect our country, Palestine and the world from this pandemic.


Following the rosary is the Mass and although we are missing receiving the Holy Eucharist, it is important to remember the value of a spiritual communion. 


The homilies on EWTN are really inspiring.  Last week we learned about a priest in his 70's, who had coronavirus.  When he was offered a respirator...he declined it and said it should go to someone  younger.  We have the privilege of witnessing more saints during this pandemic.

Click Here to View the EWTN Weekly Schedule

As members of St. Andrew for 45 years…we are inspired by the support of St. Andrew.  It is consoling to know we can still attend Sunday Mass in our own parish, read inspiring articles written by our St. Andrew brothers and sisters and have quiet reflection time during Holy Hours and other Lenten services. Yesterday I noticed we will not miss Holy Week.  Thank you to all those who are providing this information for us.


But St. Andrew is also providing parishioners, who are running errands for us, and they never make us feel like our requests are a burden. 


What else is on our schedule?  Dave just finished tax forms for our brother-in-law and his sister and husband, a friend in a nursing home and our niece, Joan, who is developmentally disabled.  Next week he will work on ours.


While Dave is working on taxes, I volunteered to cook for the homeless, so lots of soup, cookies and cupcakes are being prepared.


Dave and I also made a list of family and friends to call and email during this pandemic and it is amazing how much closer we have become as a result of letting them know how much we care.


We look forward to seeing our daughters, but we laugh and say we are "in jail" as we speak to them through our glass front door. 


Sundays are “Fun Days” which include the same morning schedule, but in the afternoon…movies and games. 


Like I tell the children...and grandchildren...if I had to be cooped up with one person…I would want it to be best friend and marriage partner for 62 years this August.


It really is true...the three most important things in life are God, family and friends.

Nancy Hemminger

St. Andrew Parishioner

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