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Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

APRIL 20, 2020



I was reading one of my daily reflections that quoted from Exodus 33:18-23: Moses’ request that God show him God’s glory. In response, God passes by Moses, but he sees only God’s backside. The reflection went on to say how it is we do not see God in the moment of our crises but only afterwards in our reflecting back. I found this interesting to think about given my own experiences. 

I could not help but be reminded of the Christ Renews His Parish experiences here at Saint Andrew and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. As one who participated in receiving and giving, as well as serving as spiritual director for several teams, I remember the many stories and actual witnesses shared by the great men on the teams that included my involvement. A key element in most, if not all of these, was that it was only in looking back and reflecting on our lives that we truly could see the hand of God working within them. In our reflection of our lives and in sharing with each other, we laughed and cried as we witnessed God working in each of us over time. It was a remarkable experience and one of which I am thankful to God for being a part.


My other thought was that as we all go through this current crisis, the coronavirus, that has separated us from family, friends and the physical presence of Mass and Eucharist, and for some the terrible experience of having the virus, that God is at work creating new stories in each of our lives. We are likely not aware of the details yet, but in looking back and reflecting they will become clear at some time in the future. My hope is that some day we can share these with each other as that is how we grow in the faith of our good and great God.

Mike Hazard

St. Andrew Parishioner

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