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APRIL 24, 2020


Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ


On the morning of Saturday, April 24, 2004, I and 15 other men, laid prostrate in the sanctuary of Saint Peter in Chains Cathedral. This was the day I had worked toward for over 11 years. 16 years ago today, I was ordained with my class by Archbishop Pilarczk through the laying on of hands. And for the past 16 years, I have served Saint Andrew as your deacon. Now what?

Tomorrow, April 25, 2020, I turn 60 years old. On this date in 1960, my mom gave birth to her 6th child, her 3rd son, and gave me the name Timothy Scott. 5 years later, the baby of the family would soon be born. We were 7 children in all. I grew up in a typical Catholic home in the 60’s, in a very modest house in Milford, Ohio. My memories take me back to a neighborhood with lots of kids, playing softball in our backyards, sharing a bike with my brother Dave, and always sitting as a family for our evening meal. We didn’t have much, however we didn’t want much. Life was simple then and I wouldn’t trade these memories for all the tea in China. Now what?

Now what?  Might seem to say the years before these dates may have been insignificant. Not so. Now what?  is my way of saying, “Looking back on life, what am I most grateful for and to whom shall I show my gratitude?”

So while being “sheltered in place”, I would like to express my gratitude in a few words...

I am grateful for being alive and that God made me part of a family that taught me moral principles.

I am grateful that we didn’t have much but that we were given the most precious gift: our faith in Jesus Christ.

I am grateful for my time of civic service, as a volunteer fireman and for the years I spent teaching myself how to play the piano.

I am grateful for neighbors like Bill and Bev, who were and will always be surrogate parents to me; never replacing my parents but always there to step in where and when needed.

I am grateful for Nancy, (another surrogate mom ) who taught me to read and for Herb and Alice, the best aunt and uncle ever.

I am grateful for the Sisters of Charity, who where first to teach me. And what a blessing to have them teach me in a school named after their patron, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

I am grateful that my father taught me a trade. I spent 43 years of my life in the dry cleaning business. It provided well for my entire family.

I am grateful for friends, who saw in me potential gifts that I did not see in myself. Men like Fr. Bill, who invited me to consider being ordained a deacon in the Catholic Church. My response to his invitation? “What’s a deacon?” And because of that invitation, I have been gifted with serving one of the finest communities in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati: Saint Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Milford, Ohio.

But looking back over these 60 years, I am most grateful for my first vocation, being married to Marcy. Marcy and I have been together for more than 1/2 of my 60 years. When we married she gave me her most precious gift, sharing her 3 children with me. They are now and will always be my children. And now our 3 children have chosen 3 fine spouses, who together have given us 3 beautiful grandchildren. And what joy we’ve been given watching these 3 grow and develop into 3 very unique, wonderfully funny kids. Now what?

Now what? Looking back over my life and seeing the many ways God has blessed me, brings a new resolve of living life to the fullest. Life, full of gifts, promise, and wonder of what tomorrow will bring. But no matter what the future holds, nothing can take away my deep sense of gratitude for the memories and the people in my life.

One of my favorite quotes, by a person named Dag Hammarskjold — "For all that has been, Thank you. For all that is to come, Yes!" Now what?

Do you have special memories that you're grateful for? Please write in and share.


Your brother and servant in Christ,
Deacon Tim Schutte

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