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APRIL 27, 2020




Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ




APRIL 25, 2020

6:00pm I just finished one of my favorite meals, barbecued brisket! And key lime pie to top it off. Marcy instructed me to just sit, relax and reflect on the day. And that I did. My 60th birthday is over and what happened today was no coincidence. And for that I am very grateful.

2:00pm I was told to hurry home, that we had to be somewhere at 2pm! I thought to myself, "What is she talking about?" We’re ordered to shelter in place. We've been to Kroger and have nowhere else to go. But at exactly 1:50pm, I got in the car and Marcy drove us to her special surprise. And was it ever a surprise! As we pulled in the parking lot of the Saint Andrew parish office, it was lined with cars all honking their horns and singing "Happy Birthday." The Saint Andrew RCIA team got the message from Marcy to join in wishing me a happy birthday. It was not only a happy moment, but one that caused me to pause and reflect on what it means to be part of the Saint Andrew community. We have a tremendous family here at Saint Andrew.

11:30am I just finished making eight homemade pizzas. I wanted to have a pizza party for my birthday, but at a distance. My plan was to drive the eight pizzas to my siblings, some old friends and some new friends. The distance from Miamiville to Owensville, then back to Milford with all the stops in-between took just under two hours. I made it home in time for a surprise Marcy has for me. But I didn't know where we were going? And why did I have to be home at 1:50pm? But while driving around with my birthday pizzas I reflected on my blessings. I have a great family, loving children and grandchildren, loving siblings, old and new friends... and the best spouse I could ever ask for. My time behind the wheel was spent in prayers of gratitude for all of these and more. So far, not a bad 60th birthday.

10:30am I just received a call from our dear friends in Germany, Linda and Stephan. In their native tongue they say "happy birthday!" What other surprises might be on the way? I thought. And what a treat hearing happy birthday in German. Gute zum Geburtstag, für dich!

7:30am Fr. Chris and I lined up ready for morning Mass to begin. As the bells began to ring indicating it was time to enter the sanctuary, Fr. Chris said to me, “Did you want to preach on your birthday?” Pausing for just a second or two, long enough for an idea to pop in my mind, I smiled and said, “Sure.” When it was time to preach the Holy Spirit took charge and the first words out of my mouth were, “A dear friend of mine, Father Del Staigers, once said to me, ‘For Those With Faith Nothing Is Coincidental.'" When I left church I had no idea what the day would bring. All I knew was that I had eight pizzas to make and I better get home to start.

6:30pm In review of the entire day? It was the best birthday ever. The singing, the cards, the wonderful meal, making pizza deliveries, it was all good. But in the end, the day began remembering the words of my friend Del Staigers who said, "For those with faith nothing is coincidental." I not only see the hand of God as part of the day, but also that God lovingly guided and directed the entire day...just like God has directed my 60 years of life. I am a blessed man. And why should that be a surprise? For if I have faith, nothing is coincidental.


Your brother and servant in Christ,

Deacon Tim Schutte

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