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APRIL 28, 2020


Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ


The week of Easter a "throw down challenge" was sent out to sing the praises of Christ the risen Lord! The hymn selected: "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today." Eight people accepted the challenge and sent in their beautiful song of praise. Thank you to everyone who participated!:

Chloe Elleman

Sophie Elleman

Judy Hoffman

Larry Luke

Mike Martin

Barbara Murphy

Pat Powers

Hanna Watford

Andrew, one of our young St. Andrew parishioners, did not participate in the singing but joined the voices together digitally to produce the beautiful song of the Saint Andrew Cyber Choir! The violinist and flutist are Chloe and Sophie Elleman. This trio of Andrew, Sophie and Chloe deserve a big thanks for bringing this together for our community.


From Fr. Cordier, Fr. Chris, Deacon Tim and the entire Saint Andrew family thank you to all for sharing your gifts and talents to the glory of God and for our Saint Andrew family.


Jesus Christ Is Risen Today by the Saint Andrew Cyber Choir

Compiled by Andrew

Jesus Christ is Risen TodaySt. Andrew Cyber Choir
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