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MARCH 18, 2020


Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ


We've all heard the expression, Never in 1 million years! Next month I will turn 60 years old. In my lifetime I have participated at Mass and celebrated all my sacramental moments at Saint Andrew Catholic Church on 552 Main St. in Milford, Ohio. Never in 1 million years did I or anyone else suspect that we would ever have Mass suspended. Never in 1 million years!


This virus is unprecedented for a 21st-century society, but we have hope that this situation is temporary. And although public worship is suspended, our St. Andrew home will be available for private prayer. The church will be unlocked from 9:00am - 4:30pm daily for personal prayer and reflection. This is our home during this crisis and will always be home for years to come.


Catholic Christians believe that baptism connects us to Christ and each other and that sacramental bond is indestructible even as a virus moves about society.


This crisis will pass, and we will gather as a parish family one day in the near future to celebrate Mass. We will also return to all of our normal programs that many our community participate in and look forward to week after week. But we do need to stay connected now more than ever.


“Christians and Coronavirus: Staying Connected in Christ,”  is an initiative to keep our St. Andrew Family connected. “Christians and Coronavirus: Staying Connected in Christ” will post daily practical ways of living our faith during this difficult and challenging time. This initiative will be rooted in Catholic tradition and sacred scripture, sharing practical moments of our lives during this crisis. Hopefully it will inspire us to stay connected with hope as we look forward to the day when we gather again in our beloved Saint Andrew Church.


So today and always, let's pray for those who are most vulnerable, for those who will suffer financially, and for those who seem to have lost all hope. May the way we live our gospel values shine for the world to see that there IS hope. Let's stay connected in Christ!


Your brother and servant in Christ,

Deacon Tim Schutte

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