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Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

MARCH 20, 2020



One of my favorite saints and probably one of the most quoted is Saint Augustine. As a skilled rhetorician, Augustine could articulate in few words very profound thoughts.  Here is one of my favorite Augustine quotes. “Pray like everything depends on God and act like everything depends on you.” What great advice to our community and all believers. 


This week we had an emergency staff meeting addressing how we will keep our people connected to the Saint Andrew faith community. Unanimously we recognized the importance of staying connected in prayer. With the uncertainty of what's next on the COVID-19 horizon, we can be certain that prayer is vital. Now I realize our entire community is lamenting that Mass has been suspended. However, we can still pray together in a virtual gathering...especially on Sundays! Mass will be celebrated online, with our priests and your humble deacon. Join us in this virtual assembly as we lift up our praise, concerns, and our love for one another in Christ at this sacred liturgy. We will begin streaming at 8:00am this coming Sunday morning. Together we can pray virtually like everything depends on God.




But act like it all depends on you? How are we supposed to act? We’re told to maintain social distancing! Early this morning at Kroger, I ran into a parishioner who said his neighborhood is networking, making runs to the grocery store for elderly neighbors. How incredible! This act of service is being a living witness of Christ in our midst. Delivering groceries to elderly neighbors is being a minister of the Gospel! What relief amidst uncertainty, acting like everything depends on you! 


Social distancing may keep us apart. But we can pray together in a virtual way and act as Christ in a real way even at a distance. Regardless of how far apart, we are still “THE BODY OF CHRIST!”  And we are Connected in Christ!  

Your brother and servant in Christ,

Deacon Tim Schutte

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