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Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

MARCH 22, 2020



This Sunday’s gospel is my favorite of the Lenten season, The Blind Man (John’s Gospel). We
see Jesus as a modern day super hero as he observes the blind man, when no one else does, and
rushes to his side. As in our sacraments he uses an outward sign, in this case dirt and spittle, to
heal the man’s vision. The miracle is what happens afterwards. The man trusts Jesus’ actions
and directions and his entire life is changed. During this Lenten season it reminds us of baptism
and the change that happens to us as we begin to live our lives as Catholics. As the story unfolds
we find it is not easy to live this new life but the blind man’s faith and response to Jesus remains
and in the end he is reunited with Jesus.

As I sit here in my house trying to practice social distancing, I cannot help but wonder what God
is trying to open my eyes to with this universal virus that knows no limitations. I do know that
God did not cause this as it is a byproduct of how we live our lives on this planet and stuff just
happens that we cannot fully explain or even understand. But I do know that God works in the
midst of all things good and bad in this life. God is always with us. But what is the message of
God right now in our world and to me? Is it to love each other more and to see Christ in
everyone? Is it to take better care of this earth? Is it to pray more and get closer to God? Or
maybe some other question may surface of what God is asking. As you have more time to think
and pray maybe you have some answers to God questions.

One thing is certain. During these unprecedented times we must stay more connected to Christ.
Our Saint Andrew family has been and will always be a family connected to one another, for we are
centered and connected in Christ.

God bless,
Mike Hazard

St. Andrew Parishioner

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