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Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ

MARCH 28, 2020



It seems so strange walking the Saint Andrew campus with no one around. The daily routine of turning on lights and getting ready for school children to arrive is on hold. Opening up church for morning Mass attendees is now suspended. But the routine of keeping things clean and tidy, well that is still part of the daily routine for Joe and me.

Because of the coronavirus there is a new normal, an adjustment we all have had to make in our lives. This adjustment has come to our homes, our places of work, and here at our beloved Saint Andrew church. But there is one routine, a spring cycle that's happening before our eyes; the emergence of spring flowers. Hyacinths to be exact. Seeing these flowers brightening up the front of the church is nature's sweet anticipation of the Easter celebration. And they also brighten my day. You see, my mom helped plant these flowers. She’s been gone now over a year. Mom was a member of Saint Andrew Church her entire life. Seeing these flowers, and reliving her memory makes my role here all the more important of which I am very grateful. And not only was she part of our Saint Andrew family, her mother/my grandmother was one of the school cooks years and years ago. Mom and her brother, Eddie, also attended Saint Andrew School. Gosh I miss her.




And I miss seeing all of the friendly face that come and go every day here at our parish. Because of the virus, I’m realizing more each day that we really are a family. I realize this place is a place of belonging for so many people. And I am very aware of the special honor of being part of the Saint Andrew staff. What a great team of people with whom I’ve become close friends. I am so blessed that my mother introduced the Catholic faith to me. I am so blessed that she celebrated her faith life here at our beloved Saint Andrew Church. St. Andrew church is my faith family, the place where my family continues to grow in our faith. WOW!! Isn’t it funny the memories that come flooding back while watching the Easter flowers bloom?


Thanks, Mom.

Greg Johnson
Saint Andrew Parishioner & Maintenance Supervisor

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