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MAY 19, 2020


Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ


“When the time for Pentecost was fulfilled, they were all in one place together.” (Acts 2:1)

This quote is from the First Reading for Pentecost Sunday, which will be the first Sunday (May 29) we can gather together again for Mass. Beginning Monday, May 25 the church will be open for Mass to parishioners (with some restrictions). I am not sure about you but I am so anxious to get back to Sunday Mass. I was beginning to lose hope (and perhaps some faith) that this would happen soon. I have been watching the Sunday Mass livestream at 8am but it is just not the same as seeing fellow parishioners at Mass. Somehow, it seems sad to me since it was so quiet with only the priest, the deacon and sometimes the seminarians staying with us. There was no congregation and it gave me a lonely feeling. What is church without a congregation?

But this week we found out we will be together again on Sunday, May 29, Pentecost Sunday, how appropriate! I imagine how the Apostles felt when the Holy Spirit descended upon them on Pentecost. They must have been terrified but also filled beyond measure with hope for a new day. God was with them even though Christ was crucified, died and buried. They were not alone, on their own. On Pentecost Sunday, the parishioners of St. Andrew, the Apostle Church will be together again in one place, much like the Apostles. It seems very appropriate and also a bit scary considering our current state of events but God is with us again, as always.

On the Liturgical calendar, Pentecost is the beginning of Ordinary Time. I always thought of Ordinary Time as nothing really special. But this year Ordinary Time takes on a new meaning for me. I never thought I would look so forward to ‘ordinary’ but this year, and forever to me, Ordinary Time will mark a very special event in the church calendar. And they were all together again!

Cathy O'Toole

St. Andrew Parishioner

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