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Paint Cans

MAY 26, 2020


Christians & Coronavirus:

Staying Connected in Christ


“Virus” days ago Deacon Tim asked if I would write up something for this column. Its been gnawing at me for a while since. So in the waking hours a thought or two came to light. Two powerful words I’ve come to know as a

St. Andrew parishioner for some 18 years now and they are, “Tim asked”.

Tim was one of the first people I met when we moved to Milford. We retired from Florida following the grandchildren. Being complete strangers to the area we turned to the Church to make new friends. There was Tim. He would ask, and I would respond. He is a hard man to turn down. Later as time went by I came to realize Tim is the glue behind the scenes in so many positive things about St. Andrew parish. His unselfish commitment is amazing and appreciated. Thanks, Tim, for caring with all your heart.

And now for the other part of the story…..

This confining pandemic has forced some new assessments of people of value. One in particular is the garbage man. Virus confinement has allowed time for a focus on getting out the trash. Years of storing stuff, collecting debris, saving treasures for some other day, has given way to curbside magic. The basement, garage, workshop,
and multiple drawers have become targets for shedding the past. It's almost like going to confession. "Bless me Father, for I have a ton of unnecessary junk in my life”. Into the trash can and out to the curb never to be seen again. Ahhh Confession, what a relief.

Thinning out the junk has opened ways to new passions. The workshop was intended to be partially an art studio, otherwise known as an escape place to slop paint on canvas. I started the fun craft years ago but had not picked up a brush in some time. Now with renewed vigor, oils are flowing and images are becoming reality.

Ah the “virus” so horrible in many ways and yet, it gives rise to creative juices and adds to the growth of “Rumke Mountain." So if you feel a bit claustrophobic and bored with the couch and Netflix, think of the garbage man or some path for the passions to flow in creative release. It's invigorating.

Tom Vogel

St. Andrew Parishioner

Two of Tom's recent subjects:


"Waterfall on Cornell University campus where my grandson, Caleb, crosses daily."

"My grandson, Cole, in North Carolina climbing with a friend from Warren Wilson College."

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