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The St. Andrew Prayer Chain which began in 1985 continues to be a way for people to gain assistance in prayer

for any serious and/or pressing problem. It is also a way for any person to act on God's command to

love one another (John 13:34-35).  Many of us cannot engage directly in ministry but we can all pray.

Prayer is a way for us to reach out of ourselves, to put aside our loneliness, suffering and pain for the

sake of another. Jesus teaches us that if we agree on anything and ask in faith it will be granted (Matt 18:19). 

"I tell you, ask and you will receive...(Matt 7:7).

All parishioners are invited to join the prayer chain which is sent out daily Monday thru Friday. 

For more information, to join the list of those who pray with the St. Andrew Prayer Chain, or to make a prayer request,

please send an email to, or leave a message at 513-831-1836.


“Heavenly Father, hear the prayers of the St. Andrew Prayer Chain.

We pray for the people who have requested our prayers.

You know who they are.

We pray for our families and friends.

You know their needs and we trust in your merciful goodness.

Thank you for the love and blessings you bestow on us.


(Prayer written by Ruth Berger+)

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