We are so excited to welcome you to St. Andrew Parish as a registered parishioner!

You may either register online via the digital form below, or download and print our

New Parishioner Registration form. If you choose to print your own form, simply fill it out

and return it to the Parish Office or place it in the Sunday collection basket during Mass. 



If you should have any questions about registering as a new parishioner,

please contact the Parish Office at 513-831-3353.




If some of the questions/fields below do not apply to you or your family,

simply skip the ones that do not apply. If you are unable to skip certain questions that are irrelevant to you because they are required, please type "N/A" in required text fields, and choose any date for required date fields.

The Male HOH Has Been... (please choose all that apply)
The Female HOH Has Been... (please choose all that apply)





In the box below, please list out all of your children who are currently living at home, in college or in the military. 

Please include the following for each child:

  • First, Middle & Last Name (if different)

  • Date of Birth

  • Religion

  • What sacraments they have received thus far (baptism, 1st communion, confirmation)

  • Current school or PREP grade


It is important to provide the name and phone number of someone other than your own. This emergency contact is needed to give the Pastor someone to call in case of an accident or illness. This may be a long distance number.




Many parishioners prefer to set-up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

in place of remembering to turn in a weekly envelope. By setting-up an EFT, an amount of your choosing will be withdrawn from your bank account once a month. If you prefer this method, please fill in the information below. All registered parishioners, regardless of EFT set-up, will receive collection envelopes as they contain special collections, feast days, etc.

If you prefer to turn in a weekly envelope, simply skip this section. 

Amount to be deducted from your account once each month:

(Monthly deductions will occur on the 1st or 20th of each month)

Date you wish to start the Electronic Funds Transfer:

Please upload a picture (.jpg or .png) of the front of a VOIDED check in order to complete your Electronic Funds Transfer request.

(You may also bring in a voided check to the parish office if you prefer.

If you prefer bringing a check in person, you may skip the upload file option below.)

Upload File

"I authorize St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church to initiate electronic withdrawals from my checking account as indicated below. These withdrawals shall apply to my Sunday offertory contribution to St. Andrew. This authority

shall allow the financial institution named below and on the attached check to permit withdrawals from my account in accordance with these instructions. This authority shall remain in full force and effect until I give written notice to

St. Andrew to terminate electronic withdrawals, which notice shall take effect 10 business days after receipt by St. Andrew."



**Please note the parish directory is used only for our parishioners to easily stay in contact with one another. Your contact information will never be publicly available, sold or displayed digitally.