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Be An Organ Donor
for a new organ!!!
No kidneys required.

Our 2021 RTS theme is:

Be An Organ Donor for a new organ!!!

No kidneys Required


We can do this! But we need the help of every Saint Andrew household.


What is RTS?

15 years ago, the St. Andrew family began an annual fundraising initiative that we named Reverse Tithing Sweepstakes (RTS).​ Created in response to a fiscal deficit, through the years RTS has helped with REPAIRING, REMODELING and REFURBISHING various areas of the parish campus so that we can pass on a legacy to the future Saint Andrew Family.​ 


How will RTS 2021 help St. Andrew?

The RTS campaign this year will secure and promote for years to come one of the trademark gems of our Saint Andrew Family.


Our tremendous music program has for many years been the talk of visitors who joined our community in prayer for Sunday Mass, a wedding Mass or funeral Mass. Beautiful music, in our beautiful church is what Saint Andrew is known for and part of a family charism.


We can’t let this falter in any way!  

How does RTS work?

By purchasing an RTS ticket (or several!) you will not only be helping us  raise funds to help St. Andrew's future...but each ticket you buy will also give you a chance to WIN BIG!

11 lucky winners will be chosen on Tuesday, January 26, 2022 for the following prizes...


1 Winner

Will Receive 10% of All Ticket Sales


10 Winners

Will Receive 1% of All Ticket Sales

How can I increase my chances of winning?

The more tickets you buy...the less you pay...and the higher your chances of winning! Ticket prices are as follows:

1 Ticket = $50

3 Tickets = $125

6 Tickets = $200

12 Tickets = $300

When will tickets be on sale?

Tickets are available to purchase from November 30, 2021 through January 25, 2022 online and in-person at the Parish Office. However, all early bird purchasers will receive an exciting bonus...


Purchased GOLD tickets received by December 20, 2021 will be eligible to win 1 of 10 gift cetificates

An Epiphany sing along with St. Andrew Choir,  Fr. Adam & Fr. Ben on Friday, January 7, 2022 from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Each winner may invite up to 9 guest for a fun filled evening of music, light appetizers, fellowship, and libations.