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This group is responsible for decorating the sanctuary and for cleaning the sanctuary and sacristy. The following is a list with duties that are performed.

  • Sanctuary - Decorating the sanctuary for the seasons (i.e., banners, flowers, plants pertaining to the season). General cleaning and polishing weekly (once a month commitment).

  • Sacristy - General cleaning and polishing weekly (once a month commitment).

  • Purifiers - Wash and iron purifiers weekly (once a month commitment

  • Art/Environment - Plants, flowers, banner, orphreys, etc. are planned and cared for according to the season.

  • Altar Flowers - Arrangements are donated by parishioners and friends for their special intentions. For questions, please call Kathy Singer at 513-732-2793.

  • Wedding Sacristan - Assist the wedding party at the time of the wedding rehearsal and day of their wedding.


If interested and willing to help with this ministry, or if you have questions, please contact the Parish Office at 513-831-3353.

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