In response to our baptismal call to share in the mission of Jesus Christ, we strive to empower our parishes to develop a greater awareness of and participation in the social dimension of the Church. To this end, we work in solidarity on behalf of the poor and vulnerable to bring about a more just, hope-filled and compassionate society. To achieve these ends, we work toward these immediate goals:

  1. to broaden awareness of all the dimensions of Catholic Social teaching through specific educational programs, activities and announcements,

  2. to provide direct service to individuals, families or groups in need, especially those whose need is the result of structural injustice, and 

  3. to engage in and promote activities directed toward change of an unjust social problem.

SALT Meetings occur the fourth Monday of the month; anyone interested in social justice is invited to join. 


For more information, please contact:

Charlene Hinners