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Thank you for working with us to protect God's children.

All volunteers who work in a capacity where children are present in any Archdiocese of Cincinnati Parish, school or institution must attend a VIRTUS Child Protection session, have a clear background check and must stay current on training bulletins that come monthly as ongoing education. Additional information and a complete copy of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Decree on child protection can be found here

To complete the VIRTUS program, please follow these steps:

1. Register for an in-person VIRTUS training session.

You are welcome to attend a VIRTUS training session anywhere in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Click here for available training dates/times and to register.  

2. Complete an online background check.

You will be prompted to complete your background check upon registering for the

in-person VIRTUS training session using the link in Step 1 (above).

You will need a credit card on hand to pay for the background check. 

For instructions on how to complete the online background check, please click here. 

**Please note, if you are an athletic booster, school parent or parishioner,

check with your organization's business manager to ask if the cost of this background check

will be reimbursed. You will need to save a receipt from your background check purchase

to submit and receive reimbursement.

If you should have any questions, please contact our

Local Safe Environment Coordinator:

Sandy Vollman